Three Tiny Tales 3

#1 A soldier, ambushed

Front page newspaper headline: Soldier killed in ambush.
Sipping my morning chai, I turned the page over.
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A tragic comedy

She said
“Get out of my head
You’re messing with it
You don’t realise this
But you have the power
You mess. With me.
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Numbers mean nothing?

Sum game
Fate is winning

True love
Still busy googling
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“You want out? Oh God, not again, not another of your meltdowns!”, she said, “We are so great together, as friends. After all these years I don’t understand why you would want that?”

He turned his face away and replied with a sad smile “Because I don’t do friendships well at all. That’s not my thing. Never been. Never will be. Neither is family. Nor is love. I guess I prefer misery over…” Continue reading “Lost”

Three Tiny Tales 2

#1 An insignificant man

He lay dead still on the cold damp earth. Clueless as to where to go, heaven or hell. If they existed that is.
Death, apparently didn’t come with a roadmap of action. Wasn’t his life the same too, with no sense of direction.  Continue reading “Three Tiny Tales 2”

Three Tiny Tales

#1 Naive friends
The corridors echoed the genuine promises that parting friends made to each other. The stoic walls knew though, things will definitely be otherwise, sooner or later.
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Long gone, perhaps forgotten

Long gone, perhaps forgotten

Away, I’ve been long
a long time now, a long distance
from you and from everyone home.
Away, I’ve been gone
gone since years, gone a little far off
from you and from everyone home. Continue reading “Long gone, perhaps forgotten”